Roaming usage and Conditions to regulate the Telkomcel International Roaming Subscribers . And the use of this provision may change at any time and will be updated.

Activation Service

Telkomcel Postpaid customers have to perform International Roaming activation service by calling the Call Center or Telkomcel Plaza.

Telkomcel Prepaid subscribers will be automatically activated in the International Roaming Service without having to perform activation.

Roaming rates directly charged to customers when roaming services accessible on Foreign Affairs.


Internet package and bonus quota does not apply and can not be used for Roaming.

The usage of Internet services while roaming will be charged according to respective Partner Operator.

If the customer does not want Data Roaming service, the customer can download Non-Enable Data Roaming Service through the settings on the phone.

Roaming Promo could be applicable in one or a couple of partners in a country roaming operator. To be able to take advantage of the promo tariff, customers need to be connected to the network operator Partner of the Promotion Rates


Network settings will automatically be transferred to Operator Partner network that has the strongest signal. This can lead to the imposition of normal roaming tariff because customers using the service Partner Operators who are not included in the scope of the Promotion.

Customers understand that the settings on any mobile network may be different. Because of the diversity of types of mobile phones on the market, please follow the procedure for setting the network:

 Android Setting --> Network & Connection --> Manual --> Operator 
 I-Phone Setting --> Carrier --> Automatic Off --> Operator
BlackBerry Setting --> Network & Connection --> Manual --> Operator
Symbian Setting --> Connectivity --> Network --> Operator Selection --> General --> Manual --> Operator
Windows Phone 7 Setting --> Mobile Network --> Network Selection --> Network --> Pres to select --> Operator 
Nokia (Non Symbian) Setting --> Phone Setting --> Network Selection --> Operator
Sony Ericsson (Non Symbian/Android) Setting --> Network --> Select Network --> Operator
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