Telkomcel Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Where can I get Telkomcel's SIM Card?

You can easily get Telkomcel's SIM Card at the nearest Telkomcel Plaza


How do I top-up or recharge my prepaid credit?

You can top-up/recharge your Telkomcel card using Telkomcel voucher, or Telkomcel eTopUp.


How can I transfer my credit to other Telkomcel number?

To transfer your Telkomcel credit to other Telkomcel number, you can dial *121* *# Or you can dial *121# and follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: Transfer balance is not allowed for Postpaid numbers.


Telkomcel's internet does not work on my phone. What can I do?

To enjoy the best of Telkomcel's internet, please ensure:

  • Your handset/device works with the frequency 850 MHz (Telkomcel's 3G frequency)
  • Your APN setting is ready, using the instructions here

How can I purchase Telkomcel internet package?

There are several choices to purchase internet package:

  • Dial *123*3# on your handset for menu
  • SMS to 155 using the code of desired package
  • Purchase at MyTelkomcel app
  • Plaza Telkomcel


Can I use my Telkomcel SIM Card overseas?

Yes. You can enjoy roaming international with your Telkomcel SIM Card. For a list of Telkomcel's roaming partner, please visit this page.

Do I need to activate my roaming feature at plaza to use Telkomcel's roaming service?

If you are prepaid subscriber, you can use your Telkomcel SIM card for roaming straight away. If you are a Postpaid subscriber, you need to make sure the Roaming service is activated at the time of registration. To confirm, please call 123 or visit the nearest Telkomcel Plaza

What is the cost for roaming international?

For more details on roaming international price, please visit Telkomcel Travelling Roaming Rates page


How can I make an International call?

To make an international call using Telkomcel, dial: +(country_code)(destination_number).
For example: Call to Indonesia using +628111xxxxxx


What is MyTelkomcel?

MyTelkomcel is Telkomcel's app where customers will be able to perform various transactions and services (such as recharge, purchase, gift data package, check usage, etc.).

How can I get access to MyTelkomcel app?

You can access MyTelkomcel via web at or download the application to your device for better control.

Do I have to connect to the internet to use MyTelkomcel?

Yes, for all transactions or information inquiries in MyTelkomcel, an internet connection is required.


I need to file a complaint/question regarding Telkomcel's service. Who can I contact?

To post a complaint/question, you can always call Telkomcel's Call Center 123, or send a message to one of our social media pages, or using the contact form in this website

Call Center 123
Timor Plaza 4th Floor
Rua Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Dili-Timor Leste