DILI - 11 JUNE 2015

Building Broadband Access Towards The Future

Using a slow internet access is no longer the way of this era, just like the era before Telkomcel comes to Timor-Leste. Presently, with Telkomcel presence, there is a positive change in terms of the advancement of information access, which are reliable, economical and high quality in Timor-Leste. 

The real impact is being felt by the people of Timor-Leste, especially schoolchildren / students in the ease of Internet access for the purposes of study and finding the information needed to improve their knowledge. Moreover, the existence of Telkomcel has opened up opportunities for the younger generation to witness the developments of youth lifestyle in other countries,  so that the younger generation of Timor-Leste doesn't miss out on the information.

Broadband internet access (broadband) which has become a necessity for any country that wants to capture future opportunities has now begun. Voice Call, data access, video conferencing, distance-remote CCTV, GPS, Traffic Controller and various convenience facilities of telecommunications technology today and in the future, may not materialize without quality broadband internet access 

This is the positive bout that should be the focus of any operator who wants to build the future of Timor-Leste to be better. Efforts that have been made by telecommunications operators in Timor-Leste during this time, also have produced results that promises a good future for the public telecommunications Timor-Leste and Telkomcel as operator.

As their contribution, 3 operators have facilitated Timor-Leste to enjoy broadband access, it has been released by the latest statistics that proves that the final position of the first quartal 2015, much progress has occurred.

The Progress is the increasing number of people; there are at least 128.036 Timor-Leste's telecommunications customers who can enjoy access to the 3G network. The data referS that the incumbent (Timor Telecom) has successfully listed customers for as much as 7.461 3G users; Telemor (Viettel) in second place managed to attract 52.572 users and while Telkomcel (TELIN TL) occupied the first position with a record 68,000 subscribers of 3G users.

Customer Based Counting (number of subscribers)

On the other hand, the number of overall customer, including those using 2G access for voice and SMS, Vying to record all customers who have used a card operator, is no longer valid parameter of the success of an operator. Stakeholders need to know the rationale in calculating the subscribers, that the customer who uses the card of one operator, is not necessarily going to use the card at a later date so that there is no term of lasting customer in the telecommunications world.

Customer worth mentioning as the latest customer is only active customers, not all customers who have used a facility of an operator

How to calculate 'honestly' was used by Telkomcel in calculating the number of customers. Assuming how to calculate the 'real customer' (customer valid / active subscribers) differentiate Telkomcel with other operators.

Telkomcel only count the number of active customers, i.e. customers who have not entered expired status during the calculation period. Talking about the so-called customer Telkomcel, means only customers that is calculated based on the customer / number of active / productive period in the calculation.

From the data on the number of 3G subscribers released by The Government of Timor-Leste which have been published in indicated that the chart contained in this release, proves that Telkomcel is leading 3G broadband market in Timor-Leste. However Telkomcel will not easily satisfied with this achievement, because Telkomcel consciously keep improving and expanding 3G services throughout Dili and to the entire district with a variety of convenience and price that is increasingly competitive.

Telkomcel existence has brought significant influence on broadband tariff which become increasingly low day by day. Telkomcel determination in providing increasingly cheap tariff, can be experienced by Telkomcel customers , where at the beginning of 2013 the use of the data is still in the price of 10 cent / MB while in the third quarter changed to only 5 cents / MB. Furthermore, since the second quarter of 2014 to only 3 cents / MB. Telkomcel internet packages have become increasingly low price. Coupled with the existence of certain days customers can top up voucher and get a 100% bonus that can be used to buy a packet of data.

From the commitment side, Telkomcel continues to improve on the network, in a month period from May-June 2015 alone, there were at least nine new 3G base stations which are built and turned 'ON-AIR' by Telkomcel for ease of access to the 3G  network inTimor-Leste. In addition, it would overtake 9 new base stations to the district this month. That commitment is embodied by Telkomcel in building Timor-Leste.


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