Welcome to the new era of Digital Payments in Timor-Leste!

With the permit from BCTL, Telin Digital Solution (TDS) has officially launched TPAY for commercial use.

Prior to this phase, TDS had introduced TPAY through its soft launch in September 2019.

After the soft launch, TPAY continues to be developed and evaluated during the trial period, which is used for limited users only (not public).

During the trial period and final phase of development, TDS has made sure that all transactions through TPAY are made accordingly with the regulations from BCTL.

TPAY can be accessed from both website and app version (available for Android and iOS).
And what is more, TPAY can be accessed with anyone in Timor-Leste with any SIM Card in Timor-Leste.

What can TPAY be used for?


    With TPAY, clients can now purchase or make digital payments at selected merchants.

   Clients can also transfer funds/balance to other TPAY accounts using the app, or withdraw cash from the TPAY account with the help of TPAY Agent
One for all

   Ita hotu bele uza!
Everyone can register and access TPAY app using any mobile number in Timor-Leste

For every TPAY transaction, the following transaction fee will be applicable: Tabel_fee

Where are TPAY Agents and where to use TPAY?

Currently TPAY Agents are available at Telkomcel Plaza, which is present in all 13 Municipalities in Timor-Leste.

TPAY is also ready to use for purchase or digital payment at selected merchants or TPAY partners.

The list of TPAY agents and merchants can be seen in this page.

Be a TPAY Agent or Merchant

Are you interested in becoming a TPAY Agent to handle the registration, cash withdrawal, or deposit?

Or would you want to be a TPAY Merchantso your customers can pay for your products using TPAY?

Learn more in each link above or contact TPAY Team for more discussion.

Download & Register Now

Since TPAY is now open for public use, TPAY customers can start downloading and register for TPAY account. Registration can be made at TPAY Agent, or via the app. 

The app is now available for download in  Google PlayStore for Android version and Apple Store for iOS version.

For future development, TDS plans to integrate payment of public services using TPAY, such as payment or purchase of electricity bill/pulsa, and purchase of Telkomcel pulsa.

TDS hopes that the presence of TPAY can be another easier payment option in Timor-Leste, and further support the growth of financial inclusion for more Timorese.

More information about TPAY use can also be obtained from TPAY website www.t-pay.tl

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