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Welcome to Timor-Leste!

First time visiting Timor-Leste?

Do you need communication service as soon as possible? But roaming is not your choice?

TELKOMCEL is ready to help you access communication service for the first time in Timor-Leste!

TELKOMCEL presents  SIM Card Tourist: easy to get, easy to use.

What can I get with SIM Card Tourist?

With SIM Card Tourist, you will get a  starter pack with the following contents:

Content Package $5 Package $10 Package $30
Price $ 5 $ 10 $30
Pulsa/Balance $ 2 $ 3 $ 5
Call & SMS Free 1 day (between Telkomcel) Free 1 day (between Telkomcel)
Free 2 days (between Telkomcel)
Internet 320 MB (valid 3 days) 760 MB (valid 7 days) 2.5 GB (valid 30 days)

Where to get SIM Card Tourist?

You can purchase SIM Card Tourist at TELKOMCEL counter at the precinct of Dili Airport, or at Plaza Telkomcel, Timor Plaza.

For more information or for assistance on Telkomcel services, please contact Customer Care at 123 (from Telkomcel number) or inbox at  Facebook Telkomcel.

Enjoy your stay in Timor-Leste with TELKOMCEL.

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