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1. Ring Back Tones

Color your Ringback Tone with Telkomcel Ring Back Tones (RBT). Don't bore other people with your standard Ring Tone, Change your Ring Tone right now with these song selections:


Download RBT List here:

RBT Activation

You can activate Your RBT Ring Tone by:

1. SMS: ON <RBT_code> and send to 170
     Example: ON 57 and send to 170

2. UMB: Dial menu *170# and select RBT from the list

3. On call: press * when an RBT is heard upon calling, to copy the RBT into caller’s own RBT subscription (normal subscription charge applies)

RBT active period is per 1 week or 7 days. Customer will be reminded via SMS for renewal, when nearing the end of 1 week subscription period. 
RBT Subscription price: $0.30 / RBT / 7days.

RBT Keywords (send via SMS to 170, free of charge)

Command SMS Description Example SMS to 170
On <RBT_code> To Subscribe an RBT ON 57
SET <RBT_code> To Set an RBT from the subscribed list, as the active RBT SET 57
LIST To see the list of subscribed RBT LIST
RANDOM To set RBTs to play randomly (valid for subscription of 5 or more RBTs) RANDOM
DELETE <RBT_code> To delete a subscribed RBT from customer's list DELETE 57
OFF To stop RBT subscription OFF
GIFT <RBT_code> <destination>                                                            Send an RBT as gift to another phone number. First week subscription will be charged to A party (sender). The gift will only be sent/charged when the B party has confirmed to receive the Gift RBT GIFT 57 73737373                                     

Gift RBT

Telkomcel's Gift RBT allows you to send Gift RBT to other Telkomcel number.
Sender may choose from the available Telkomcel RBT list.
The first week subscription will be charged to the Sender. The next subscription will be charged to receiver.
To send Gift RBT:

2. Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer is a facility that allows you to send credit from your Telkomcel number to other Telkomcel number. Credit will be automatically added to the destination number but will not lengthen the active period.

Method Syntax
Dial *121*<destination_number>*<credit>#

Example : Transfer credit to number 73016027 sebesar $1, -Dial: *121*73016027*1#
Press Ok/Call

You will receive a notification when a balance transfer transaction is successful.
Balance transfer can also be done through your account at  MyTelkomcel

Terms & Conditions
  • Transfer balance can only be done to Telkomcel number only
  • Transfer balance can only be done by prepaid numbers.
  • Credit amount that can be transferred is a multiple of $ 1.
  • Minimum transaction is $1.
  • Maximum transaction per day is 10 times or the cumulative value of transactions reached $ 300
  • Balance transfer will not extend the existing active period.
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