News Article: Telkomcel awarded $400,000 Scholarship to Top Ten Best Students of Timor Leste  

Telkomcel awarded $400,000 Scholarship to Top Ten Best Students of Timor Leste

Dili, March 21, 2014. After conducting a selection of written exam (tests of academic potential) to 38 selected students from various schools in East Timor on 25 January 2014 and continued the process of interviewing 23 students who qualify for academic potential test, and after going through the stages of evaluation, Telkomcel announced 10 best students are eligible for college scholarships in the best areas of telecommunications, Telkom University in Indonesia. The Information of 10 Telkomcel awardees have been delivered directly by mail to each grantee but the list of awardees can also be found at the website Telkomcel ( and facebook ( /

Scholarship for ten best students in Timor Leste are given by Telkomcel  in cooperation with Telkom Indonesia and Telkom Education Foundation. The registration process itself was conducted on November 25, 2013 until January 10, 2014 ago, and Telkomcel received as many as 84 applicants from various high schools in East Timor.

This scholarship program is one of our gratitude to Telkomcel loyal customers  for the access of free education at Telkom University, Indonesia. This scholarship program is valued at $ 400,000 for the cost of education for 4 years for the 10 students who had been selected. In addition to the cost of education, we also provide transportation costs and living expenses for this scholarship program. Essentially we have provided all of the costs associated, we hope the grantee to focus and complete their education.

"We hope this scholarship program will trigger the emergence of other educational programs in Timor Leste that can accelerate the improvement of the quality of education and human resources here", says Chief Executive Officer Telkomcel, Dedi Suherman.

This program is motivated by Telkomcel desire to contribute in building qualified human resources in the field of telecommunications in Timor Leste. In order to anticipate the future development of telecommunications technology. In line with this spirit, the Timor-Leste Ministry of Education fully supports cooperation with Telkom Indonesia and Telkom Education Foundation to make it happen in the form of a scholarship program that has been set forth in the memorandum of understanding signed by the CEO Telkomcel and Education Minister of Timor Leste on June 13, 2013 in Dili.

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