Telkomcel Personal Product  

Telkomcel Personal Product


The starter pack cost is $1 for each SIM card with bonus free for : 

Balance Calls (in minutes) SMS Internet (MB)
$1 5 10 1

Bonus Valid for 7 Days

To check balance dial *122# atau dial 122

Voucher Top Up  

To top up physical voucher/scratch card. Dial *122*# or you can dial 122 then follow the instructions. 

Physical voucher/scratch card, Dial *122*(voucher code)# 

Elektronik : Customer should come to Plaza Telkomcel, and credit top up will be assigned by Telkomcel Officer

Balance Transfer 

Balance transfer is a facility that allows you to send credit / pulse of your Telkomcel number to another number. Credit / pulse is automatically add to the total credit / pulse of the destination number but it will not add the active period and reduce credit / pulse of your number.

Example : Transfer $5.00 credit to Telkomcel number 73016027  

Dial: *121*73016027*5#

Press Ok/Call

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