Telkomcel Postpaid Service  

 Telkomcel Postpaid Hybrid


Telkomcel now presents the newest, exclusive product, Telkomcel POSTPAID.  With Telkomcel POSTPAID you can have less worries in purchasing and refill your phone credit. And still being able to access Telkomcel great services including Telkomcel Rapido and international Roaming with Telkomcel.

Enjoy this special product, simply by registering through our Account Manager without any deposit. Approval will be granted subject to Telkomcel internal review of request 

You can plan your monthly usage, you can choose the Credit Limit package available based on your need, starting from $50 credit limit per month. 

And for you Telkomcel client, you can bring your own Telkomcel number to use Telkomcel POSTPAID, so no worries in losing your business partner because of changing of number.

And for you Telkomcel client, you can bring your own Telkomcel number to use Telkomcel POSTPAID, so no worries in losing your business partner because of changing of number.


With Telkomcel Postpaid Service, subscribers are able to access the default services that Telkomcel offers such as Voice Call, SMS Call, Internet, VAS, Internet, and Roaming. 

Unavailable services for Telkomcel Postpaid:

  • Transfer Credit
  • Call Me

Service Access Number
Check Usage USSD *133#
Full Menu access USSD *123#
To purchase Internet Rapido Package
USSD *123*3#
SMS ON [space][package code] send to 155
Check  Rapido package quota USSD *122*3#
Check bonus (if available) USSD *122*4#
Top-Up / Recharge USSD *122*<voucher_code>#

1. Credit Limit

Each Telkomcel Postpaid number will be adjusted with a credit limit which is agreed upon registration. This credit limit is defined as a monthly plan based on customer’s choice.

Customer will be given Limit Alert in the form of SMS notification at the following events:

  •  At first call, informing the credit limit
  • When usage has reached 80% of credit limit
  • When usage has reached 100% of credit limit

If credit limit is reached before the monthly billing time, adjustment (increase credit limit) is possible by request at Plaza Telkomcel.

Change of Credit Limit

  • Credit Limit can be changed (upgrade or downgrade) by request to AM (in a signed form)
  • Credit Limit change can be changed for a short- or long-term
  • Credit Limit change will be submitted in ECMS by Plaza, with written approval by Manager of Enterprise Sales 

2. Check Usage

To keep track on monthly usage, customer can dial *133# to receive information of accumulated monthly usage to date.

3. International Roaming

In Telkomcel Postpaid service, roaming service is disabled by default. This service can be activated at the beginning of service (request at time of registration) or at a later period.

4. Telkomcel Internet - RAPIDO

Telkomcel Internet RAPIDO is accessible by Telkomcel Postpaid number. 

Postpaid customers can use the non-package RAPIDO. The tariff for regular internet access (non-package) is $0.045/MB, 

To check the available RAPIDO package, customer may dial *123*3# or via app MyTELKOMCEL or visit this page.


Telkomcel internet data service brings the quality and speed for customer satisfaction. With 3G+ (HSPA +) and 4G surfing the internet is so much easier with Telkomcel.


B. Phone Call and SMS Rate

Voice Call Peak Hour (06:00 - 23:59) Off Peak Hour (00:00 - 05:59)
Telkomcel to Telkomcel $0.00167/second or $0.10/minute $0.00167/second or $0.10/minute
Telkomcel to other operator (Mobile) $0.017 / 6 seconds or $0.17/minute $0.017 / 6 seconds or $0.17/minute
Telkomcel to other operator (Fixed) $0.017 / 6 seconds or $0.17/minute $0.017 / 6 seconds or $0.17/minute

SMS Price per SMS
Telkomcel to Telkomcel $0.06
Telkomcel to other operator $0.075

International Calls & SMS Rate...


Activation Fee $ 7.00 Per number upon registration
Monthly billing Minimum $10.00 If monthly usage is less than or equal $10.00, customer only pays for commitment fee of $10.00
If monthly usage is above $10.00, customer will pay as per the total usage of that month.

In addition, each active postpaid numbers will receive monthly gimmick of 100MB. 
Upon registration, customers will need to select the credit limit for each registered postpaid number from the following choices.


Credit Limit

A < $ 50
B $ 50 - $ 150
C $ 150 - $ 300
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