Tempo Timor exclusive interview with TELKOMCEL

How many local employees are currently working at Telkomcel? 

Marketing Communications Manager Telkomcel, Lintong Simaremare said the proportion of local staff in Timor-Leste has reached 80% of the total employees in Telkomcel, leaving only 20% of employees who are not locals.

From that percentage, there is a local employee which holds position as Senior Account Manager, or equivalent to the level of Manager, Senior Officer and Account Manager. Telkomcel expectations for the future is to make sure local friends can quickly understand the work processes of Telkomcel, have the sufficient ability to care for Telkomcel business so that when a succession of intermediate positions happens, at least local friends are ready to be a manager and other higher positions,

What about the Indonesian Employees, how long will they be in charge here? 

“Employment contracts for our Indonesian friends so far, is only about 2 years unless there is a special assignment. In the past two years each officer is expected to undertake sufficient knowledge transfer to local employees. In order for this process to be successful, it takes mental readiness and willingness to learn from local staff to learn many things about the telecommunications business in building Timor-Leste. 

This year alone we have four managers who already completed the contract and return to Indonesia. They do held double office titles but in the future, we hope to forward the managerial succession relay to local officials, on the conditions that the individual is worthy and able to accept the managerial challenges which are not only about technical capabilities but also leadership. 

Me for example, because I may not be here forever, so I should be able to prepare a cadre of my successor in the next two years and I expect it to emerged from the local staff. "Said Lintong to Online Tempo journalist at his office in Timor-Plaza recently. 

In addition to 4 Manager; one Director and one Senior Officer also had returned to Indonesia. Indeed, for certain urgent positions it is very important to be filled. We still do the double positions before there is a worthy replacement, so no matter what the story, work performance remains to be the main good thing, and it applies to both Indonesian and local staff of Timor Leste 

How does Telkomcel successfully builds the infrastructure in Timor Leste at the moment? 

“Please do not rush to see only today, but look to the future, at least, Telkomsel will shine for the next 1 or 2 years, because at the moment we are still in the stage of structuring and perfecting everything such as Infrastructure Network, HR, operational system which would make Telkomcel to be faster in building the telecommunications and internet sector in Timor-Leste. If you want to see the success of Telkomcel see in the next two years. "Says Marketing Communications Manager, affirming. 

Telkomcel has only been established for 2.5 years. The BTS that we built is not even a regular BTS but its a 3G BTS stations and environmentally friendly because it does not destroy the nature, we avoid pollution and the usage of fuel overload. 

Oh yes, Timor-Leste should be proud that Telkomcel was the only operator in Timor-Leste that were nominated as Green Operator at the world summit. The innauguration was recently held in Barcelona.  

Please don't compare our BTS with competitor's BTS, because our BTS is a 'Green BTS ’ and is build for long term, not just as long as its ON and connected to increase the speed rate of Profit Maximization. The infrastructure that we are building will be reliable for at least 25 years later. 

Telkomcel existence is not to maximize profit at the shortest time , but Telkomcel as a Public Company, which is a part of Telkom Group, have a concept on how to build Timor Leste for the future, as a form of togetherness with neighbouring countries, in which Telkomcel is involved with its productivity and creativity.  

So how do you view Telkomcel competition with two other operators in Timor-Leste? 

When asked about competition with other operators, Lintong Simaremare - Marketing Communications Manager Telkomcel said, "Telkom Group have a large and wide network through many countries even TelkomGroup (TLKM) as a company & nbsp; Go Public & nbsp; are registered on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) & nbsp; and is one of the world's largest telecommunications provider, so we (Telkomcel) is not their competitors.

"We do not need to feel to compete with them, because there is no competiton. The technology that we use, let's say, the frequency, is already different. BTS is also different. Fuel that we use for operational is already different, in terms of we are use water and solar power, they use oil. In short, the technology to build base stations is already different and we certainly invested a lot more money.

"Our view is that we must compete in equal level. While we, sorry to say, did not feel the same level with them, our company is a global company that has the satellite technology, has a submarine cable to America, a radio terrestrial, and we also have the telecommunications companies in 11 countries. Again, we do not need to feel to compete with them, because our presence in Timor-Leste is to build not to compete, but if they want to compete with us, No Problem simply observed the actual competition in building the future of Timor-Leste through the ability and speed of internet access." 

"Timor Leste, for us, is not a competition field, because frankly speaking, the population is only 1.3 million people and served by 3 Operators." Lintong added. "Let us build this country together, let us show that we can raise the dignity of this new country.

Telkomcel comes to build Timor-Leste, so we never feel we've won or lost. Telkomcel technology is more advanced than them (for example internet) so, we do not assume they are our competitor, essentially, not our rivals. So let us operators work together to build Timor Leste.

Competition is good, as long as the purpose is to provide the best for Timor-Leste. Examples of healthy competition is a competition that is fair, for example, please do not hinder Telkomcel numbers to contact numbers of other operators as Telkomcel facilitate interconnection to Telkomcel. That's all we do so that communication in Timor-Leste can run well and we hope that no cunning game in the competition, including in terms of avoid smear/black campaign " Said Lintong.

Currently Telkomcel provide internet data packets that fits, we do not want to provide large data packets but the quality is not good. Why provide large data if watching YouTube and watching culture videos for CPLP events is still difficult. Hence, if Telkomcel issued an Internet package, the speed will be reliable and convenient for users.

In addition to providing high speed internet access, using 20 cents to download 1 to 5 GB data via Wifi Telkomcel, we provide internet package with a low price which can be purchased from a $ 1 and $ 2 top-up voucher every Sunday, top it up three times to get 100 % Bonus, "he added.

 How will Telkomcel moving forward in the future?

 Timorese people need to know that Telkomcel is building a better future for future access information. Currently Telkomcel already has 132 towers and it will grow. Investments for the Telkomcel tower and maintenance spent a lot of funds, and funds expended to date nearly US $ 60 million including a decent opening of a branch office as an icon, not just stalls in all districts. Have we made profit yet? Not yet, and its still far from it.

Telkomcel revenue is still small compared to the insane investment that we made in a fairly small country such as Timor-Leste. Because we want to build a reliable long-term telecommunications network for a minimum of 25 years.

Telkomcel currently has branches in 13 districts and the total of local staff in 13 districts are approximately 50 personnel.

We still plan carefully because we want to build good infrastructure which are reliable and environmentally friendly.

“I am sure that two years from now, the people of Timor-Leste will truly feel the presence of the incredible Telkomcel" said Lintong. 

What can attest to the success of Telkomcel at this moment? 

According to statistical data from The Government of Timor-Leste, Telkomcel customers who use 3G has reached 68,000 people, while as many as 7461 are Timor Telecom customers and Telemor reached 52,000 subscribers. This data is an official data from the government of Timor-Leste which was issued in May 2015. That proved Telkomcel is superior in the penetration of 3G users in Timor-Leste.

 Let us together build the capacity of Timor-Leste, each maintaining and preserving the infrastructure that has been built by Telkomcel forTimor-Leste progress into the future Viva Timor-Leste. Dezemvolve Timor-Leste. *Teo/TempoTimor(**)

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