Internet: Internet Setting  

Internet Settings on 2G dan 3G Network

A. General Setting
B. Manual setting by type of Operating System (OS).
C. Switching off Internet access

A. General Setting

To fully enjoy Telkomcel's internet service, customer needs to ensure the APN (Access Point Name) setting, with the following parameters. 

 GPRS Settings

   - Access Point Name: internet
   - Username:
   - Password:
   - Proxy Server Address:
   - Proxy Port Number: 8080

Pengaturan 3G

   - Access Point Name: internet
   - Username:
   - Password:

B. Setting Based on Operating System:

Android (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, dll)

- Go to Home screen
- Select Settings
- Select Wireless & Network settings
- Select Mobile Networks
- Check / Select Use the data package
- Fill in details :
   - APN : internet
   - Username : empty
   - Password: empty
- Go back to the Home screen

RIM (Blackberry)

- Go to Home screen
- Select Manage Connection
- Select Networks and Connections
- Select Networks and Connections
   - Data Services : ON
   - Network selection mode select 3G & 2G (or 3G only, some devices do not have 3G mode only)
   - Network mode as needed
- Go back to Home screen

iOS (iPhone)

- Go to Start screen
- Select Settings
- Select the General
- Choose Network
- Select Cellular Data Network
- Edit the details for Cellular Data:
   - In the Fill APN "internet"
   - In the Username, clear
   -  In the Password, clear
- Back to the Start screen

iOS (iPad)

-  Go to Home
- Select Settings
- Select Cellular Data, press the "ON"
- Select Data Roaming, press the "ON"
- Edit the details for the APN settings:
   -  APN : internet
   - Username : empty
   - Password : empty
- Return to the Home

Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson) 

- Go to the Home Screen, click Menu button
- Select Settings
- Choose Connectivity
- Choose Mobile Data
- Enable packet access- Select the access point -> active access point -> access point name: internet

C.Switching Off Internet Access

If you do not want to use internet access, please turn off  Cellular Data / Data Services / Use packet data / Mobile Data.

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