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Update: Telkomcel 4G since February 2018.

Telkomcel 3G Data Network is supported by the latest 3G technology called High Speed Download Packet Access (HSDPA), that allows transmition up to 21Mbps. With this technology, Telkomcel make sure a fluent and fast access to large data file in short period of time. Telkomcel also supports 2G network which is GPRS and EDGE.

Unlike other 3G cellular network that use 2.1GHZ frequency (as it is in Indonesia), Telkomcel network uses 850MHz frequency which allows Telkomcel to cover large area, up to three times larger compared to the coverage of 2,1 GHz frequency. 

The regular charging fee for data access is $0.045/MB. For a cheaper tariff, Telkomcel offers variants of Data Internet package for your convenience.

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