Google Play Voucher  

Google Play voucher can now be obtained with pulsa TELKOMCEL! 

What is Google Play voucher?
Google Play Voucher can be used to purchase books, apps, game items, and more items in Google Play Store. 

Where to get Google Play voucher?
Google Play voucher is now available by exchanging pulsa TELKOMCEL to the amount equivalent voucher amount. 
The Google Play voucher in Telkomcel is available in IDR / Rupiah currency, and can be redeemed in Google Play store with Indonesian account of payment profile set to IDR. 

Below is the available Google Play voucher that can be exchanged with pulsa Telkomcel:

How to exchange Pulsa Telkomcel to Google play voucher in IDR?
1. Dial menu *123*6# or app MyTelkomcel
2. Choose the desired voucher value and the equivalent pulsa Telkomcel.
3. Confirm  
4. The voucher code will be sent via SMS to be redeemed in Google Play Store.   

How to redeem Google Play voucher in Play Store?
1. Open app Google Play Store
2. From the Menu, choose  Redeem
3. Enter the voucher code that is received via SMS. 

Note: The voucher is in IDR, hence the Google Play Store needs to be set to IDR market.
For more information to change market to IDR, please see in this PDF File  

For more information, please contact our Call Center 123, or visit the nearest Plaza Telkomcel.

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