Enterprise Mobile Solutions  



• For corporate customers, Telkomcel offers solution for mobile telecommunication demand that is in line with corporate customers' needs.

• The solution is a combination/improvement of basic telecommunication services, i.e. voice, SMS, and data.



Telkomcel 3G Corporate is a packaged internet service through 3G access or High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) which is designed especially for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) corporation.


• Provisioning is managed by CAM, including activation, deactivation, suspension, and package change.

• The number registered for 3G Corporate service is not usable for Voice service, SMS, roaming, and other internet package purchase.

 Features :

      No additional monthly usage fee.

      Various quota with normal QoS.

      When quota  is depleted, speed is throttled down to 64 Kbps.


Telkomcel Offers the following 3G Corporate package subsciptions:

Package Price Package Quota
$ 240,00 33,5 GB
$ 350,00 50 GB
$ 600,00 90 GB


Usage over-quota will be throttled to 128Kbps

Quota is valid for one month, and will be reset on adjustment date (first day of the month).

If the package is fully consumed before the auto-adjustment date, customer may request for additional adjustment via AM, and will be added to monthly billing.



TELKOMCEL provides GPS Tracking service called Fleet Management System (FMS) solution to monitor assets movement actually and accurately.

Each vehicle to be tracked is equipped with a GPS receiver and relays the obtained coordinates via TELKOMCEL networks (GPRS) to the server.

GPS Tracking Features

- Tracking : Real time monitoring.

- Communication : Directly to the vehicle communication service.

- Messaging : SMS service to the vehicle.

- Geo Fence Zoning

- Emergency alert.

- Speed monitoring.

- Excessive Idle Alert.

- Log Data : Data record vehicle movement.

- Multiple Secure  Access  Level  (Admin, Supervisor, Operator, Guest).

- Management Reports (ex. Daily Activity, Idle, Speeding, etc)

- 24x7 Co-monitoring from Operations Command Centre.

- Remote Vehicle Lockdown/Shutdown.


Telkomcel facilitates groups of Telkomcel customers to enable members to send SMS broadcast to the other members of the group.

1. No registration fee

2. No registration fee

3.  Sending message to the group by sending SMS to “171”

4.  Syntax to send message : group_namemessage

5. Features of SMS Group : create, join, invite, etc

6. SMS Group membership :

- Group Owner : the person who registered a Group

- Group Member : the person who is invited to join a Group

There are 2 types of SMS group tariff, depends on the number of group members, as follows

SMS Group Rates

Total Group Members SMS Rate
<= 50 numbers $ 0,21 / SMS
Between 50 and 100 numbers $ 0,42 / SMS


SMS Broadcast is a service of SMS delivery to certain numbers (Telkomcel numbers).

- SMS Broadcast can be received by all active numbers (all service classes), including the numbers on roaming outbound.

- The content of SMS Broadcast is proposed by the customer and validated by Telkomcel with 160 maximum characters (including spaces) sent in a single SMS

- The delivery time of SMS broadcast can be arranged, depends on the available slot in Telkomcel broadcast schedule.

- SMS can be delivered in 3 languages: Tetun, English, and Indonesian. The language of received SMS depends on the service language selected by the SMS recipients (Telkomcel customers).

- SMS can be sent to numbers in a certain location, for example, only to numbers in Dili.

- The name of SMS sender can be masked as requested by customers with a maximum of 11 characters (including spaces).

- Telkomcel’s invoice to customers is processed by AM along with the attached SMS Broadcast delivery report (recap) from the Product Owner (Network & ITSS).



Charging is set in bulk with cheaper price per SMS. For information about the price, please call 123



- For Mobile and basic services needs, Corporate Customers are allowed to use Telkomcel’s Personal Products: Prepaid, Postpaid, and Hybrid.

- The use of these products and the services involved are bound to Telkomcel’s terms and conditions of use.

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