Support to Fight Covid-19  

During the period of COVID-19 pandemic, Telkomcel continues to provide telecommunication services to all customers, to support and facilitate information sharing.

For special offers during the Emergency State period, please  visit this page.

Hotline 119
With the authorization of ANC, Telkomcel supports the Ministry of Health to open the phone connection to Covid-19 Information Center, through hotline 119.

Hotline 119 was activated on 24 March 2020, as a center to provide and collect information regarding the Covid-19. Moreover, Telkomcel customers may call to hotline 119 for FREE.

Let us use the facility with responsibility in this period.
Distribution of Pulsa EDTL subsidies
Telkomcel also work together with the Ministry of Public Works and EDTL, to facilitate the distribution of Pulsa EDTL token, via SMS. The cooperation began on Friday 3 April 2020, at the EDTL office, Caicoli, Dili.
Telkomcel immediately began the technical preparation to cater the needs of EDTL clients who need to obtain the subsidised EDTL through SMS to 12150.
Telkomcel also prepared the hotline 12150 for EDTL clients to contact in regards to EDTL services and products.
Currently, Telkomcel customers are able to use Telkomcel numbers to send SMS to 12150 to obtain the free token, and also access to hotline 12150.
Access to these services are free of charge for Telkomcel customers.


Supporting Ministry of Education's "Eskola ba Uma" program
Telkomcel continues to support the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport in its program Eskola ba Uma, through the provision of hotline 12100. 

Telkomcel clients can now call to 12100 for FREE,
to access information or clarification on the school subjects during the program Eskola ba Uma.

Let us use the hotline responsibly, to support the education process during the state of emergency period.


At the Office

In response to the global issue of the Covid-19 pandemic, Telkomcel has taken prompt action to safeguard the health and comfort of the employees around the workplace.
Several preventive measures that have been implemented including: 
  • provision and distribution of protective equipment in the workplaces, such as masker and gloves
  • installation of hand-washing stations and/or hand sanitiser in every Telkomcel Plaza
  • provision of thermal gun in every office, applied to all visitors
  • Disinfecting the workplaces
  • Distribution of vitamins to all personnel.

Telkomcel has also minimised the movement of its personnel, by applying Work From Home (WFH) for most of the staffs, allowing only those with emergency roles to be able to work when necessary. Moreover, external and public activities, such as meetings or events, have also been reduced and halted or postponed, as a practice of social distancing to minimise the spread of Covid-19. 


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